4 Effective Ways to Avoid Downtime in Your Business

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • March 9, 2022

As long as you’re not working, downtime is great, it’s finally the chance to put your feet up and enjoy a couple of chapters of your book, or maybe you can start prepping dinner ready for later. But, downtime in business is a whole other issue. Experts calculate that downtime can cost some enterprises $1 million per hour, demonstrating how damaging even the smallest amount of disruption can be. While you might think that downtime is unavoidable, you can consider solutions to avoid it altogether. 

Monitor Your Networks 

It’s safe to assume that almost every business operates online in some capacity. But, as convenient as this can be for accessing information, making sales, or ordering supplies, connection loss can cause havoc for your small business. 

There are plenty of issues that can crop up on systems, so using network monitoring tools will mitigate possible problems, including cyberattacks or similar breaches. This monitoring can prevent problems before they become too serious and protect your company and customer data from hackers. 

Stop Overworking Your Team 

Business owners of the past believed that if their team wasn’t working all day long, they weren’t working hard enough. Thankfully, attitudes to this type of work and an understanding of burnout and other employee problems are recognised more now. 

But, some managers still try to push their employees as much as possible. While it might seem like they are doing all the work they can, it will eventually cause them to burn out and could increase presenteeism or absenteeism that will both contribute to downtime, allowing your team to take their foot off the pedal will prevent this and it also stops your employees jumping ship, along you to avoid wasted time and money on searching for new employees. 

Recognise Issues Early On 

The best managers will be able to identify possible problems before they become too severe. This can apply to burnout and other toxic work environment issues, but it can also apply to the office itself. 

You don’t need to be an expert to know if the area looks unsafe, so make sure you can find the solution before someone gets hurt. This can include safety training or structural inspections that will help avoid common workplace problems. 

Have a Backup Plan 

As much as you can do as much as possible to avoid downtime, it will sometimes be unavoidable. Most often, this is through fire drills or power outages. They are bound to happen at some point so rather than wait around for a solution, you should have a backup plan. 

Allowing remote working is one solution, as is installing a generator. Many people may take it as an invitation to slack off, but this is not the attitude you need in your office, so remind everyone what is expected without being too overbearing, as this could impact their relationship with you. 

No More Downtime 

The idea of no more downtime is difficult to imagine, and although you won’t get rid of all downtime in your company, you can take crucial steps towards eliminating as many causes or factors as possible. From your systems to your building to your team members, there are plenty of areas to consider to make sure your business remains thriving and consistent.

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