4 Actionable Ways to Stop Your Employees Jumping Ship

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • February 21, 2022

If you have concerns about employee turnover rates, you are not alone. The modern jobs market has been so robust, many employees have considered making complete 180 turns in their career with many people looking to land a new position in a completely different industry. A lot of people leave companies for various reasons, not just pay, but poor culture, lack of career development, or bad management.

So if you have concerns over employees jumping ship, here are a few things you can try to keep them engaged.

Rethink the Onboarding Experience

Many employees will always leave the business thinking about how you made them feel on the first day. The employee lifecycle is something we all need to look at here. There is a handy guide on relating to the employee lifecycle in terms of training. For many organizations, the onboarding experience can seem like a practice that has gone unchanged for years, but when you think about how excited some people would be for that first day, only to be let down by a lack of welcome or training that doesn’t hit the right notes, these are all things that you will need to reconsider.

Build Connections

If an employee understands their role within the organization but is also inspired by the leaders, they are more likely to stay. Having your understanding of where you are in the organization as a whole gives you a sense of the big picture as well as a feeling of purpose. When we build connections in an organization, we soon start to connect the dots, not just in terms of collaboration and productivity, but it will give people a bigger reason to stay.

Increase Engagement

Communication is one of those crucial parts of the business, yet with all the tools we have, we still talk about communication as a major problem. We can turn communication into a two-sided conversation, especially when it comes to new employees. Team meetings are also another key aspect of engaging the new employees as well as the seasoned ones. Many people believe that as soon as they have got their feet under the table, they aren’t necessarily considered in the same way as they were as new employees. And having something like team meetings can make a massive difference. In fact, there’s some useful information on as to why they are so important and effective.

Analyze the Running Themes

The fact is if you see many employees jumping ship, the patterns could be in the analytics. You could look at components like pay scale or managers, and see if there is a running theme. If we want to keep our employees we need to focus on a happier work environment but we also have to remember that employees will leave for a multitude of reasons. We also have to understand that many employees choose to stay, but can slowly become demotivated. It’s so crucial to look at both sides of the equation.

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