Things to Do in Your 30’s

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • June 9, 2021

Ah, the dreading turning 30, so many people dread this point in life but Once you’re past it, it feels like you are part of a positive and inclusive club. So many people say their 30’s are the best years of their lives. It’s a point where most people have settled with a family, got good money coming in, and can really start to enjoy life.

You use your 20’s to build up a career, to make the stupid mistakes that shape you. Where you go out drinking all night and have leftover pizza for breakfast. That may still happen in your 30’s but everything else seems easier. We are all in this together.

Start a Side Hustle

These days one income just doesn’t seem to be enough anymore, people are wanting more. to buy more things, to go on more holidays and be able to enjoy life to the fullest. One of the ways that people are doing this is by setting up a side hustle. It is just something to do in your spare time to bring in some extra money. It can be as simple as offering up your time to help small businesses with admin and social media or if you have a craft or hobby you love like pottery or painting you can look to sell what you make.

Enjoy Holidays More in a Holiday Home

In your 30’s you do sometimes find you have a good amount of disposable income. This heavily depends on your job, how much you have progressed and what the pay is like. But you find more towards your 30’s you will have a career, not just a job. Something you are working towards all the time, progressing through the company, and becoming more successful. So with this extra money, one of the things you can look to do is get a holiday home. It is something so many of us want. A home away from home, perhaps located by the seaside or in a remote little village. Somewhere we can use it to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When looking to get a second home there are different things involved so be sure to get a top real estate agent to help you in this part of life.

Join an Exercise Class

One of the downsides is as you get older it is harder to stay in shape, so trying to keep fit is key. It can be hard to motivate yourself but by having a hobby that helps keep you fit or something you enjoy then you will look forward to it rather than dread it. There are so many different exercise classes out there now there will be something for everyone. There are things like yoga if you want something more gentle and relaxing to dance exercise classes that are more upbeat, more engaging. By doing something you enjoy you won’t think of exercise as a chore and will keep up with it.

Getting Married

Obviously you shouldn’t get married purely for the financial benefits. But you also shouldn’t ignore the benefits of making your partnership official in accordance with the law. This can bring tax benefits and you’ll be able to bring your money together so that you can tackle investments and costs as a unified front. Some people put off getting married because of the cost. However, you can get a wedding loan to ensure that this is far easier.

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