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How to Boost Your Business Website

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • February 10, 2021

A great website for a business has been important for the last twenty years or so, but over the last year it’s become even more important. This is partially due to the coronavirus pandemic where people were staying at home, unable to visit physical shops and stores due to regulations. It means they were shopping online and dealing with businesses online.

If your website isn’t great or up to scratch it means you’ll be losing out to competitors and other businesses. These tips can give you something to think about regarding your website and help you start competing online beyond the usual SEO advice you can find elsewhere. Good luck!

Use It to Interact With Customers

A lot of businesses might just miss this opportunity. Consider offering an email newsletter. That’s a solid way to interact with customers and a great way to build an email list. Offering a live chat service is also a great website interaction tool, click here for more information. Another positive interaction tool is that of comment sections under your blog posts. These can sometimes get a little toxic, so you need to monitor them to ensure there’s nothing defamatory in there. However, it does allow you to garner feedback and apply it if appropriate, meaning you can make your products and services better.

Use Third Party to Boost Traffic

Using the popularity of a third party site to drive traffic to your own is a tried and tested method used by thousands. Take Amazon for example. If you sell products on there and ship them with a little slip of paper advertising your own site, you might get traffic. If the products on your own site are cheaper, and work alongside the ones already sold, you might get sales as well as traffic. Getting set up on Amazon isn’t too difficult either, as long as you have the extra cash needed to rank your product. You’ll also have to pay fees to them for item handling etc. However, it’s certainly a great option if you’re struggling to shift stock off your own website. Everyone who views your product will see a link to your actual website and it’ll help drive traffic to it overtime.

Target Traffic From Abroad

Remember, the internet is a big place. You don’t just need to target traffic from your home country, but abroad too. Even if your primary customer base is at home the extra traffic can only help. To succeed here, it’s important to know the business culture and etiquette of the country you’re targeting. It also helps to use bespoke translation software. Targeting popular blogs based in the target country is a great bet and a good way of starting to pull in traffic from non-english speaking countries. You need to offer them something different, and if you’re selling well in your country already, there’s no one saying you can’t do the same thing elsewhere. Of course costs increase though due to shipping, warehousing and handling, but it can certainly be worth it if it increases your prestige and profit.

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