Simple Ways to Rocket the Professionalism of Your Business

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • March 3, 2021

Building a company usually means that you are completely on your own and that you have to start from scratch. You probably won’t have a design guru who can create a logo for you and you also won’t have a writer who can craft your website copy either. A lot of bootstrapped entrepreneurs often use the resources they have to get things going, such as by using a personal email address so that they don’t have to pay for a professional one and also using their personal phone number so that they can conduct any business interactions.

That being said, there are some corners that you shouldn’t cut as it may harm the overall professionalism of your company.

Get a Dedicated Phone Number

Having a dedicated phone number for your company truly is a good idea. It gives you chance to share your details without having to give your private number out. It also ensures that you don’t end up answering a call unprofessionally because you don’t know who it is. Of course, you can easily go down the more traditional route and get a dedicated phone for your business, but that being said, it’s cheaper for you to have something like a Google Voice number setup instead. You can route all of your devices under a single number and you can also consider getting a toll-free 800 number if you want. Little things like this can make all the difference to your professionalism overall.

Get a PO Box or a Virtual Office

So, what does virtual office mean? A virtual office is a company that simply operates as a single unit. You’ll also have a mailing address, but you won’t exist in a single location. This is important because you have to make sure that you are splitting your personal side from your professional side. Something like a PO box will help you to set up a mailing address for all of your customers without you having to give away details, such as where you live. On top of this, you can rest assured knowing that any packages that you do get are going to be delivered without any issues. Another bonus of getting a PO box is that you can easily appeal more to your customers. A lot of the time, seeing that a business is located in the same town can invoke a sense of commitment or loyalty, so this can work in your favour.

Get a Domain Name

You need to make sure that you get a domain name if possible. You also have to make sure that you have a fast and memorable way for your customers to find you. At the end of the day, a lot of services are able to offer a free domain name when you sign up with them, but this will usually involve you having a URL that is somewhat long and impersonal. This may well work if you want to get running quickly but at the same time you want to make sure that you switch your domain name as soon as you can.

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