4 Ways to Forget About Work for a While

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • February 24, 2022

Taking some time off from work is something we all need to do every now and then – no one is physically, emotionally, or mentally built to work non-stop. Taking a break means that when you go back to work, whether it’s your own business or someone else’s, you’ll be a lot more focused and productive, you’ll feel rested, and your energy levels will be much increased. Yet it’s hard to stop thinking about work completely. Here are some tips on how to switch off. 

Fix Your Routine 

Even if you’re not taking a few days or weeks away from work, there needs to be a point in the day when the work has to stop. Whatever that time is, fix your routine so that you don’t go back into the office or fire up the laptop, or even check your emails on your phone. You might wear a uniform for work, and your routine could be that as soon as that comes off, you’re not working anymore. Maybe you have a specific workroom that you use, and once you leave that and shut the door, you don’t go back in until the morning. These routines are important as everyone needs some downtime in their lives. 

 Switch Off 

One ideal way to forget about work is to literally switch off. Shut down your laptop, turn off your mobile devices, and enjoy doing something else. Read a book, take a long, hot bath, cook something delicious, go for a walk, or attend a class. There is so much to do that isn’t work, and you should experience as much of it as possible. Switching off entirely can be difficult for many people – social media addiction is a real thing, for example. Therefore you may need to take this process slowly, but your end goal should be to entirely leave your work devices alone when you’re not actually at work. 


Automating processes through Robotunits is especially important when you are running your own business and need to take some time off. If you can automate or outsource as many processes as possible, even if it is a short term solution, then you won’t have to worry about what is happening in your business while you’re not there – you can rest assured that when you return, you can carry on as before. Automation can occur in many forms; for example, you can set up blog posts in advance so that your marketing is still ongoing. Outsourcing is equally as important, as certain processes won’t be interrupted through your not being in the office; marketing, data recovery, accounting, administration work, and more can all be effectively outsourced. 

Look Forward to Something 

Whatever you are planning to do when you’re not at work, make sure it’s something you can look forward to. Make exciting plans and count down the days until you get to do whatever it is you are taking time off for. You may be going out for a day with your family, or perhaps you’re going to enjoy a birthday celebration or other party. Maybe you’re traveling, or perhaps you’re staying at home and finally getting some of those little jobs done around the house. Whatever it is, if you’re excited about it, then you won’t mind not being at work, and you’ll have a much better time. 

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