A Step-By-Step Guide to Boosting Productivity and Increasing Profits

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • August 4, 2018

All entrepreneurs and business owners will reach a stage in their careers when they need to improve the day to day running of their operations. Indeed, boosting productivity is the best way to increase profits when you already achieve a reasonable level of success. With that in mind, there is a step-by-step guide on this page that all readers can use to ensure they don’t overlook anything critical. Use this guide to ensure you make all the right moves this year and squeeze as much profit from your venture as possible. You can then use that money to increase investments in marketing and promotion next year. You could even use it to help fund expansion into new markets or territories. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

Step #1: Start Outsourcing

Outsourcing is one of the best strategies for streamlining any business and boosting productivity. Jobs like customer service and marketing can require a lot of time and dedication. You probably pay in-house marketing teams thousands each year to achieve less than perfect results. So, now is the best time to outsource those tasks to the experts.

You can get an 1800 number for next to nothing, and other people will answer the calls on your behalf. That means there is no need to employ customer service staff, and your team members can focus their efforts on furthering your business goals. There are also thousands of professional marketing agencies out there, and so you won’t struggle when it comes to finding one willing to deal with your promotional work. Outsourcing is the future. Make sure you understand it.

Step #2: Use the Latest Software

Business owners must invest in the latest automation software if they want to increase profits while decreasing workloads. That could mean paying for accounting packages that automatically record all income and outgoings from your operation. You might do the same thing when it comes to inventory. Those stocktakes can cause lots of headaches, but you’ll never have to do them if you let computers manage your building.

There is also software available for social media management and just about everything else. So, now is the best time to conduct some research and work out which packages are going to provide the most benefits to your operation. You can then invest in those programs and implement them as soon as possible. Your employees are going to thank you because they’ll spend less time on time-consuming tasks.

Step #3: Listen to Your Workers

When it comes to developing excellent ideas for boosting productivity; your employees are in the perfect position to offer some advice. They are the people who spend all day working within your operation, and so they are the ones most likely to spot any potential improvements. With that in mind, make sure you hold regular weekly meetings with your team and give them the opportunity to contribute.

You never know if someone will make a suggestion that will help you to save thousands or speed up your production processes. You could even appoint the best team member to talk to the rest of your employees and report back to you once each month with a list of ideas from your workforce. Pay that person a bonus in their wage each month for their contribution, and you shouldn’t struggle when it comes to getting applicants.

Step #4: Invest in Technology

New technological advancements reach the market every day, and you’ll struggle to compete with your rivals if you don’t adopt them as soon as possible. Any hesitation on your part could mean competitors manage to gain the upper hand and steal the lion’s share of your market. You can’t afford for that to happen, and so it is essential that you subscribe to all industry-related magazines, websites, and blogs. That way, you should hear about the latest advancements at the same time as everyone else.

Keep some extra funds in your accounts to pay for any purchases, and make sure you act fast. If you think it will help, assign that job to someone within your operation and ask them to let you know about anything unusual they uncover. That should mean you are free to focus on the growth of your company.

If you run a manufacturing company, it is critical that you look into the idea of investing in robotics because that technology could end up replacing a decent percentage of your workforce one day.

Step #5: Reward Hard-Working Staff

Human beings are pretty straightforward creatures, and they tend to respond well to stimulus. Considering that, any entrepreneur who wants to reach optimum productivity levels will need to dangle a carrot in front of their workers. That could mean launching an employee of the month scheme or something similar. Maybe you could offer bonuses to the employees who go above and beyond the call of duty every month? That should help to create an element of competition within your organisation.

Provide your workers with financial bonuses or gifts they can enjoy with their families at the weekend. Theme park tickets always go down well, as do bottles of champagne and other such items. Some business owners think giving financial bonuses is a bad idea, but the decision is down to you.

Step #6: Monitor Your Competitors

You need to keep a close eye on your competitors if you want to make sure they never manage to blow you out of the water. Spying on rival firms is somewhat challenging, but it is more than achievable if you’re smart. You could try to corrupt an employee who will provide you with all the information you require. However, there is no need to do that in most instances.

Transparency is vital in the business world these days, and so most of your rivals will probably promote their latest news online. With that in mind, make a list of websites associated with your competitors and make sure you check them all the time. With a bit of luck, you will learn about any changes they plan to prepare in advance, and that should enable you to counteract them.

Step #7: Remove Pointless Tasks

Like it or not, many business owners ask their workers to perform pointless tasks as part of the production or service process. You need to take a look at every action within your operation and work out whether or not it makes sense to continue with it. For instance, maybe you employ someone in quality control who checks all packages before they go to the delivery drivers.

You can probably get rid of that role and make sure the people packing the items give the boxes the once over. If you spend time looking at your processes; you are sure to discover lots of similar actions you can remove to streamline your operations and boost productivity. So, sit down with your management team and pick a date to begin your assessment.

People who follow the step-by-step guide on this page should notice vast improvements in their profits and productivity during the next twelve months. Now you need to create a plan that will incorporate all these ideas and ensure you never waste time or money again. Failure to do that could mean your business stagnates in the future and you end up losing out to the competition. Success is fluid in the corporate landscape, and you never know when an issue will arise that will push your brand out of the market. It is for that reason that you must think long and hard about your approach to productivity because as the old saying goes, only the strong will survive.

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