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National Legal Staffing Support

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • March 1, 2019

Outsourcing has a place in a number of industries. Through companies such as National Legal Staffing Support, the legal system has also found a use for the economic practice of outsourcing. Most often, a company will see a need to restructure itself and will hire out another company to perform some of the daily functions and responsibilities not at the core of its business. Law firms can also benefit from this practice as National Legal Staffing Support can become the behind-the-scenes crew that handles many of the firm’s most time-consuming tasks.

About National Legal Staffing Support

As a legal process outsourcing trailblazer, National Legal Staffing Support has helped set the industry standard. NLSS is a valuable resource for defense and consumer protection law firms. With there being such a high demand for legal services, law firms are finding the increasing file load to be detrimental to their overhead costs. By outsourcing many tedious but essential tasks such as client calls, conducting legal research, case management, pleadings, filings, and much more, law firms enjoy having the ability to focus on the client and processes at the core of their business such as going to trial. The NLSS team consists of experienced attorneys and paralegals that are familiar working in a variety of classes of law.

Services Provided by National Legal Staffing Support

National Legal Staffing Support offers their clients a number of valuable services. From paralegal services to integrated team and research services, documents management, changing developments, and pre-filing analysis, law firms experience a lot of benefits to outsourcing these tasks.

Paralegal Services

The paralegal services provided by National Legal Staffing Support include a wide range of tasks such as pre-litigation, interrogatories, pleadings, briefs, handling general correspondence and client updates, due diligence, and pre-trial case preparation.

Integrated Team

Integrated team services provided by National Legal Staffing Support include managing electronic files, handing the web-based communication portals, document tagging and CRM.

Research Services

As research is the foundation of many successful business or legal ventures, research services provided by National Legal Staffing Support includes researching businesses, background checks, creditor tracing, validations, Lexis-Nexis and monitoring case laws.

Documents Management

Documents management services provided by National Legal Staffing Support include investigating cases and pre-trial preparation, indexing documents and managing records.

Changing Developments

As laws and regulations are always changing, it can be quite the process just to stay informed and make sure that all files are up to date with current statutes, rules, and regulations. National Legal Staffing Support assist with this be handling new and emerging laws, active cases, any alterations to regulatory or industry affairs or federal-law violations.

Pre-Filing Analysis

National Legal Staffing Support can handle summary memorandum, researching case laws, preparing for litigation and trial pleadings.

Every file a law firm opens demands continuous maintenance and communication with the client. With  legal services facing more demand than in the past, legal process outsourcing has become a valuable resource. Companies like National Legal Staffing Support assist law firms in maintaining a standard or work and large client bases while minimizing overhead costs.

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