Enhancing the Safety of Your Business Parking Area

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • July 6, 2022

Not all businesses are afforded access to worthwhile parking, and so if your firm can offer it, that’s a major plus. Rather than forcing your employees to fight over a local parking high rise with steep charges and too many willing cars for the spaces available, implementing your own parking area can ensure employees arrive to work on time, feel happier in their role, and of course, are more secure.

While it’s important to add a disclaimer that you won’t be responsible for any damage to cars within that area, it’s also a good idea to invest in the safety and wellbeing of drivers and their vehicles in this zone. You get to make the decisions here. Of course, a lack of injuries, conflicts, and disputes within your parking zone will be reward enough for your firm, and so it can be worth learning how to invest in improving this space properly. While there are some essential markers you have to hit, this is ultimately a private space, and you have more control over the area than you had expected.

Here’s how to wield that appropriately:

Worthwhile Lighting

Great lighting will enable you to take that first step, as it were. This can not only improve obvious visibility, but will ensure that the proper areas of access are marked out. With LED Parking Lot Lights, you also have a greater degree of control regarding the intensity and placement of your lighting system, allowing even unique parking setups to be completely visible and safe for cars driving around that environment.

Clear Line Markers

Essential line markers and arrows can dictate the route you expect staff to take around the property. It will also clearly lay out which areas are for disabled parking, which are reserved for the executives of your firm, and perhaps even parking spots for larger vehicles or where a taxi will be best off dropping your employees to work. On top of this, updated line markers can help showcase where blockages should never occur, like outside of your loading bay. This can prevent staff from putting themselves in harm’s way and instead clearly operate according to your intent going forward.

One Way Systems

The reason there are so many one-way systems in parking lots is because this thoroughly reduces the chance of someone walking becoming hit by a vehicle, or from cars knocking into one another when fighting for a car parking space. A one way system can also be a good way to ensure other measures, like pedestrian crossing within your car parking space, can be applied so that collisions are exceedingly rare.

With this advice, you’re certain to enhance the safety of your business parking area. Keep in mind, however, that observing the success of your design through the CCTV cameras there as well as taking on employee feedback, even if it’s not favorable, will be so incredibly important going forward. After all, all we want is improved safety, and no one could blame you for chasing that.

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