What Are the Best Employee Benefits You Can Offer?

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • March 27, 2021

Employee benefits are perks offered by a company to its employees. They are a way of rewarding customers and keeping them loyal. They can also be used to attract new applicants.

There are many different types of employee benefits that you can offer from bonus schemes to a company car. Below are just some of the best employee benefits that you can offer.

Health Insurance

Providing health insurance to your employees shows that you care about their wellbeing. It allows employees to seek out medical treatment whenever they may need it without having to pay medical bills or take out insurance themselves. It’s worth using a health insurance broker to find the most affordable schemes. Even a basic level of cover could be useful to employees.

Gym Membership

Paying for your employees to have a gym membership similarly shows that you care about your staff’s health and encourages them to stay fit and active. When taking out gym memberships for your employees, you may be able to negotiate exclusive discounts with a local gym by agreeing to promote their gym in return. Some larger workplaces even have gyms on site.

Local Service Discounts

You may also be able to partner up with local services in your area such as restaurants, cinemas and stores in order to secure exclusive discounts. This can encourage your employees to make the most of their free time outside of work. Discounts could take the form of single use vouchers or possibly a discount card.

Paid Sick Days/Vacation/Parental Leave

Another benefit you could consider is paid leave. This could include paid sick days, paid vacation or paid parental leave. This can help to encourage your staff to take a break when they need it. We all need to take breaks now and again to recharge our batteries and stay productive – the days of discouraging time off are coming to an end.

Tuition Reimbursement

Are any of your employees paying back student loans? You could consider paying a contribution towards these loans, helping your employees to eliminate these debts. This could allow your employees more disposable income to spend at their leisure. It could also be a way of showing that you value their qualifications.

Paid Lunch

You could consider paying for your employees’ lunch every day. This could again help to give your employees more disposable income to use at their leisure – as well as ensuring that your employees are actually eating (lunch is important for productivity after all). Some larger workplaces have a free canteen on site. As a smaller company, you may just want to provide lunch contributions that your employees can spend where they want.

Flexible Work

Many companies are now allowing employees to work more flexibly. This could include allowing employees to work from home or allowing them to work their own hours. So long as your employees are getting work done, it doesn’t matter how many hours they’re putting in or where they’re working from. Flexible work is obviously not possible with all industries – a waitress can’t work from home or work whichever hours they like – but in industries where it is applicable, it is worth considering.

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