Does Your Business Need a PR Agency?

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • August 3, 2021

As a business owner, you’ll soon realize that you come to depend on all sorts of third-party companies to help you with your daily tasks. Need help with your marketing? You work with a marketing agency to sort your strategy out. Need assistance with your finances? You work with an accounting company to handle all of that.

However, there’s another agency that a lot of businesses also work with: a PR agency. What does one of these agencies do for your company, and does every business need one?

What Does a PR Agency Do?

The precise services will vary depending on the agency you’re looking at. As a general explanation, most PR firms will help you build brand awareness, improve your public image, and help to defend you from any attacks on your character. If your business has a bit of a mess up and you get lots of negative press, a PR agency also helps with damage control. Furthermore, as seen on, you can get industry-specific agencies that handle tasks relating to the industry you work in. For instance, this could mean helping you book clients or find work, acting almost like a talent agency.

Does your business need to hire one of these agencies? Strictly speaking, you don’t need to in the sense that it isn’t essential. However, it can be highly beneficial to hire a PR agency in the following instances:

Your Brand Has a Bad Reputation

Does your business carry around a bad reputation? This might have come from an innocent mistake you made, or it might be due to previous owners and how they ran your company. Regardless of the reason, working with a PR firm could help you rebuild your reputation and improve the way the public sees you. When your public perception improves, you should find it easier to market your company and generate new customers.

You Lack Brand Visibility

Do you want to get your small brand out into the public eye? PR agencies can help you do this by setting things in motion that increase your brand visibility. They will devise strategies to get you to do things that make people take notice of you. As a result, you can end up with free press in the local newspapers or online news sites, people talking about you on social media, and so on.

You Need Some Serious Damage Control

Lastly, you could do with a PR firm if you need some serious damage control. A story has been broken or reports have come out from your business that has rocked your world. You’re embroiled in a complete disaster, and you desperately need to minimize the damage to your reputation. Or, you end up in the same position as the first point; everyone thinks badly of your business. This could be avoided if you have a PR agency running damage control when a bad thing happens, dousing out the fires and stopping your image from being truly damaged. Thus, you can prevent losing a lot of money in bad situations.

Generally, PR agencies are great if you want to get your brand out there, improve the way people perceive you, or prevent damages. Not every business will need one, but they can be extremely helpful.

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