4 Reasons All The Smart People Are Considering Engineering Careers

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • February 27, 2018

Engineering has traditionally been a field that attracts those with good mathematical and visual-spatial skills. It is a field that is set up to solve problems in either the physical or virtual world, as well as ensure things work the way they are meant to and continue to do so over some years. It’s also a career that can be incredibly challenging and satisfying, and you could find yourself working on products as diverse as undersea tunnels, race car components, or even groundbreaking building designs. With that in mind, read on to find out whether this is a career choice that would be suitable for you.


Thinking creatively and rising to a challenge is an essential part of being a successful engineer. Projects often have a great deal of funding riding on them, as well as many people’s wellbeing and safety and that means there can be a great deal of pressure on engineers to get things right. Luckily, they usually work in teams with colleague checking each other measurements and calculations for errors.

In particular, one of the biggest challenges for engineers is that they are required to come up with solutions that work effectively in the real world. That means no matter how much theory they know, the only genuine test of success is whether their creations stand up in real life. Something that some folks can thrive on and really enjoy, but for others, it can really put them off.


Another reason many of the smartest applicants find themselves consulting career advisors to find out how to get into engineering is the great potential for progression in the field. After all, nobody wants to stay stuck in the same role they began in 10 years down the line.

Luckily, there are lots of managerial and supervisory roles, in the field usually where you will have to guide and check less experienced engineers and make sure they are on the right track.

Some folks progress to these roles over time, but increasingly in the industry, employers are looking for formal qualifications that demonstrate you are a good fit for a management position.

Something that courses like this engineering management masters can help you convince them of. You can even do it online, so you don’t need to stop working while you study, making it an attractive way to boost your chances of moving on up the ladder as quickly as possible.

Doing Good

Of course, what calls many people to the engineering field is the social good they can do in such a position. This is because vital fields such as healthcare, research and development, and construction all need qualified engineers that are good at their jobs to function properly and provide the infrastructure that society needs to function.

Yes, this means engineers focused on this aspect will often need to take a government funded posts or work with companies that have government contracts. However, for many, it is this chance to do good that makes engineering not only a challenging and rewarding career choice but a socially responsible one as well.