3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making A Personal Injury Claim

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • May 8, 2018

When we’re injured at work, on the road or on the street, it is inevitably a time of disruption and difficulty. Of course, immediately there’s the pain, discomfort and anxiety of dealing with the injury and seeking treatment. Then there’s the time and expense of medical treatment.

Even if you are lucky enough to have top-notch medical insurance or live in a country where your healthcare is free of charge, you will inevitably face a period within which you will be unable to work. If you’re self employed this could be disastrous although even if your salaried employer is generous enough to grant you some paid leave while you convalesce, you may not be fully paid for your recovery period. At this point the thought of making a claim for compensation may well enter our minds.

Many will shrug the idea off almost immediately.

They may worry about the repercussions for them at work. Although an employer legally cannot fire an employee just for making a claim against them, they may worry that the atmosphere of the workplace will sour towards them. They may even worry that they simply don’t have sufficient grounds for a claim, and that to attempt to make one would be a waste of time and effort for their personal injury lawyers and all involved. If you should find yourself staring down this quandary, however, it’s really just a case of asking yourself three simple questions…

Have I Been Injured?

This is actually a harder question for many to answer than you might think. There are many injuries that take a long time to show or present pain. A lot of soft tissue damage or even brain injuries can take a long time to present and be debilitating in the long term. That’s why it’s vital that you consult with your doctor even if you’re feeling quite well after the accident in question. Bear in mind also, that an injury can be psychological in nature. If your thoughts are plagued by flashbacks and you find it difficult to sleep or concentrate at work, this is every bit as debilitating as a broken arm or collarbone.

Were Your Injuries Caused By Someone Else’s Negligence?

All workplaces have a legal obligation to ensuring that you’re able to go about your work without the risk of personal injury. Likewise, public places have a duty to make visitors aware of any potential risks to their personal safety such as loose wiring, wet floors and other hazards. As such, if you slip and injure yourself on a wet floor and there was no sign alerting you to the fact that the floor was wet, you may be eligible for compensation. If you came into contact with a hazardous chemical that was not clearly marked, you may be eligible for compensation.

Do You Have Recoverable Damages?

Personal injury claims are not a lottery. They’re a means for people to be adequately compensated for damages caused to them. As such, if you’ve had to take unpaid leave from work, had to pay extensive medical bills or have experienced an overall reduction in physical or mental capacity, you have what is known as recoverable damages.

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