3 Best Ways to Boost Your Career This Week

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • May 18, 2018

Moving up the career ladder means a lot to most people. It is, after all, what we’re striving for by working day in and day out – but why does it have to take up so much time? It does, in fact, not have to take as much time as some people think as long as you know which steps you should take next.

It could mean the difference between being stuck in the same job or finally getting your hands on that promotion, so keep reading to find out how to make a difference and see the progression you’ve been looking for.

Never Stop Learning

Even if you’re planning on sticking your head out and finding a new job soon or if you just want your boss to notice your hard work; make sure you continue to read up on all the new stuff in your field. A lot of people seem to forget about educating themselves as soon as they’ve graduated college – and they will, of course, miss out on the developments in the industry.

That’s why it is so important to make a genuine effort into furthering your knowledge and even mentioning to your employer that you’d like to add on your former education. You can easily do an MA education online on your spare time and the company you work for may even offer to cover the costs, so don’t let this one get away from you.

Keep Networking

Another thing many seem to completely forget about as soon as they’re out of college is to continue networking. It is especially important if you don’t want to be stuck in the same rut year in and year out, and you shouldn’t just make friends within your own department.

Expand your network by reaching out to other employees at your company that you don’t normally work with and you’ll be able to make great connections, learn more about the company you work for and even get noticed by the right people if you’re lucky. It’s so much to gain, in other words, so put on a smile and get out there.

You could combine these two as well and ask someone in another department to coach you. That way, you’re learning something new and making great friends at the same time – it’s almost like you’re back in school again.

Accept Additional Assignments

While you should, of course, be careful not to take on too much and burn yourself out completely, it’s a good idea to get involved with multiple things at your company. Think about the kind of skills you’d like to improve and get involved with all the great things your job has to offer.

If it doesn’t really have anything to offer, you know what to do – start to look for something outside of your job, expand your network, and improve your marketability in case you’d like to look for another job.

If you stay in the same spot year after year and never really try to move out of your comfort zone, then you might find yourself stuck there for a while before anyone takes notice. Speed up the process by putting yourself out there, improve your skills and expand your network – it will make a huge difference and you’ll reap the benefits a lot faster.

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