7 Tips to Get More Views for Your Videos

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • December 2, 2021

Have you ever wondered how some of the videos on YouTube get a ton of views in a very little amount of time? Not all videos are created equal, and with around 300 hours worth of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, it can be tough to stand out. With so much content available to the viewer, marketers need to be creative when presenting their brand or business, and more importantly, they need quality content. Businesses looking for success know that “content is king,” but what does this even mean? It simply means that if you want your business/brand/product/service to stand out and capture an audience, then you need something unique.

Without further ado, here are the top 7 tips on how to get more views for your marketing videos.

#1: Make Sure Your Videos Are High Quality

No one wants to watch a low-quality video, so make sure your videos are of good quality. This means having a good camera, lighting, and sound. If your video looks and sounds bad, people will not want to watch it. Upskill yourself and play around with different offerings like trying out the best tiktok filters.

#2: Use Catchy Titles

Your title is the first thing that people will see when they search for a video on YouTube, so make sure it is catchy and interesting. You want people to be intrigued enough to click on your video and watch it.

#3: Write a Good Description

Your description is also important because it is the first thing people will read about your video. Make sure you include a brief summary of the video and what people can expect to learn or how it will help them. Also, link to any websites where they can purchase your product.

#4: Use Tags Effectively

You want to use relevant tags that are popular for the video you are uploading on YouTube. This is important because when someone searches for a tag, your video could appear in their search if it matches the tag they searched for. Good tags include longer titles, like “How To Make Your Own Website.” Bad tags include words with many syllables; these will make the video less likely to show at the top of a search results page.

#5: Take Advantage of Annotations

Annotations are little clickable boxes that can lead viewers to another video, website, or your other videos. They are perfect for promoting your other work without having to say it within the main video itself. Make sure you use annotations properly by providing information that will benefit the viewer, not spam them with unnecessary links.

#6: Leverage Social Media

Take advantage of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to share your videos with others who may be interested in watching them. Also, make sure you follow some YouTube channels related to what you upload so that when they upload a new video, you can promote it on your social media sites as well.

#7: Do Not Neglect to Brand

It is important to brand all of your videos because this helps viewers identify where the content comes from. A good way to do this is by uploading your logo or watermark on all of your videos. You can also add branding at the end of each video.

In Conclusion

Marketing videos can be a great way to promote your product or service, but it is important to make sure they are high quality and use effective marketing strategies. By following these tips, you can increase the views of your marketing videos and improve your marketing strategy.

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