Are You Really Cut Out for That Corporate Career?

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • January 14, 2022

In life, we can often find ourselves going through the motions. This is especially true of careers that can feel a lot like they’re outlined for us years in advance, or that we slip into because of what our family expects, or what we simply fall into.

For example, that part-time corporate job you took when you were a teen could well turn into a full-time position without you really doing anything to make it happen. Unfortunately, if it’s not what you intended, even happiness in that role for a while could be short-lived. When that happens, you might start thinking about how your life could be different if you’d pursued a healthcare degree, a CSCS green card in construction, or something else on the more practical side. You may spend your days imagining the wind in your hair and a much freer way of working in general. Sometimes, this is just a grass is greener outlook that’s nothing much to be worried about, but it might be worth giving those fantasies more air time if you also notice them paired with the following warning signs that corporate’s not for you after all.

#1: A General Feeling of Claustrophobia

It’s natural to fantasise about working outside sometimes, especially if the sun is shining and your surroundings look tempting. However, if you find that you’re feeling a general sense of claustrophobia every time that you’re in the office, then there may be something deeper-seated going on. Feelings of being trapped when you’re working, or needing to step outside just to get a little fresh air on your breaks, especially suggests that you might be better in a more open-air working setup from now on.

#2: A Lack of Inspiration

When you were new to your corporate role, the chances are that you had some pretty good ideas. However, if you find that your inspiration has dried up since, corporate life may be taking its toll. After all, while some people thrive at a desk, others need sights, sounds, and careers that are different every day to keep ideas firing. Luckily, practical careers from gardening to labouring and beyond can offer this, you just need to break those corporate bonds to make it happen.

#3: You’re Craving More Satisfaction

While corporate roles can be satisfying, that’s pretty limited to thanks from your management team or a good client review. By comparison, careers like nursing where you bring patients back to health offer instant and continued satisfaction on a far deeper level. Equally, being able to see your progress first-hand in a field like construction can help to add a sense of achievement in everything you do. Chances are, that’s going to help you feel far more achieved than in your corporate role at the moment.

Corporate careers aren’t for everyone, and it’s better to acknowledge that now than waste more time in an office you don’t love. Now, it’s time to go out there and find a career that suits you better!

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