Finding New Meaning in Life: Jobs That Make a Difference in the World

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • May 9, 2018

Is your job failing to satisfy you? Perhaps the work you’re doing doesn’t seem to make a difference in the world and, as a result, you feel less inclined to put in the effort. Perhaps you don’t have any goals anymore, or maybe you simply want to do something that can help others.

Whether it’s a career in healthcare or helping out your local community, there are plenty of job roles that you can take on that will make a bigger difference in life. As humans, it’s natural for us to want to help others and make a change in society. However, it can also give us motivation and meaning in life.

If you find that your career choice has reached a dead end and you no longer feel like it’s giving your life meaning, then here are a couple of excellent job choices that will allow you to make a difference in the world.

Nursing and Caring

Careers like long term care are fantastic for people that want to make a difference in people’s lives. Caring for others, looking after their interests and helping them live their lives in comfort can give you a lot of meaning in life. Nursing and care fields are professional fields that require training and expertise, but it can teach you skills that will take you far in life so that you can make a difference to everyone you help.

Computer Scientist

If you prefer to work with logic and numbers, then the role of a computer scientist could be what you need. Computer scientists are devoted to creating new advances in technology, solving problems with the help of computers and developing new systems that will become the foundation of technological growth. Computer science might seem like a broad career choice that won’t make a profound difference in people’s lives, but it’s all about the small contributions you make that will filter down into consumer technology.

Police Officer

Law enforcement officers experience something different every day. Their jobs are never static and the people they help will differ every day. Protecting and serving local communities, sacrificing their own safety to ensure the wellbeing of others and being a good influence on the younger generation are all part of what makes a good police officer. Working to actively prevent crime and protect your local community is a valiant way to live your life, and you’ll see your hard work pay off every day.

Education Careers

We all know that teachers can make a huge difference on the lives of their students, but there’s a big difference between a teacher that loves their job and a teacher that barely scrapes by and does the minimum expected of them. This is especially important for early education teachers. The impact a teacher has on young students is huge and people underestimate just how important early education is to a child’s growth.

If you want to find new meaning in what you do, then these are job choices that could make a profound difference to how you approach life.

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