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3 Cool Web Design Tricks That Will Make a Small Business Website Shine

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • June 20, 2018

According to the data from Fundera, 19% of small businesses fail because they can’t overcome competition, 17% because of poor product offering, and 14% because of bad marketing. Top-quality website design can help protect you from these failures. However, a small business can hardly afford to hire a superb web designer, so what can you do?

Using a few simple web design tricks can help small business websites make an impact despite your low budget.

Top 3 Web Design Tricks for Small Business Websites

#1: Play up the Colors

The color scheme of your website makes a significant emotional impact on the visitor. This means that by using the right colors, you can enhance the message you want to send, even without investing in high-end custom graphics.

Color psychology explains in details what impact every color makes, so be sure to read up on it when designing your website. You should also note that in 2018 vibrant color schemes are in trend among professional designers. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your combos.

#2: Liven up the Website with Animations

Small animations are affordable when compared to high-quality custom videos. They also look great on a minimalistic website, which you will have, because a small business web design budget is limited.

The best things about animations are that they can literally make your website look ‘alive’ and they won’t require a lot of resources to do this. The latter is essential because it enables you to choose a cheaper hosting package without compromising website performance. This will matter if you have to choose cheap options of hosting for business websites. With animations being ‘light’ even the most affordable package with a limited bandwidth will be able to support it.

Depending on your budget and needs, you can animate the background or some elements of the website. Adding some simple .GIFs can ‘animate’ figures on the pages and thus enhance the interactive experience that your visitors get. Don’t forget that you can also use small cute animations that will show up when the page is loading. This can reduce the number of visitors you lose because of small delays. At the very least, you should have an animated log for your small business. This will immediately make it look more impressive as this trend is now hot with all the biggest companies.

#3: Invest in a Custom Font

Again, small businesses can thank the current popularity of minimalism as it made typography one of the coolest web design tricks. Many pages of the high-end companies today feature little else than a few words written in an eye-catching bold font.

If you can’t afford a custom font yet, make use of the ones available, but play up on the colors. Remember, typography should be the centerpiece of the page, so make it stand out due to both color and positioning. Study most popular websites, not only ion your industry, to get some inspiration from the leading professional designers. Bite that you should look beyond your competition in order to find new ways to make your website stand out to the customer.