Where Does Trading Wisdom Really Come From?

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • October 8, 2021

When we see an ultra-successful figure like Warren Buffet or Peter Thiel, or those that seem to practice incredible foresight when it comes to investing, it’s hard not to think of them as having cracked a ‘formula’ that if only you could replicate, you would be in the same position, too.

That said, this is never really the case. When trading and managing your financial capital, it’s important to understand that even the most seemingly secure investments were never a secure thing. We’ve had multiple financial scandals, economic meltdowns and now a pandemic to prove that.

With this in mind, cracking a formula seems like quite a childish approach to take, because there’ll never be a perfect solution to any trading problem. Even a master martial artist encounters risks when sparring. That said, where a master’s wisdom comes is in understanding principles that keep them sharp, as well as taking time to refine their strategy as it relates to the moment.

In this post, we’ll discuss three areas where trading wisdom comes from.

Doing Your Own Research

In the age of quick accessible trading and even nationwide news stories such as the GME scandal, more people are interested in trading than ever. But the truth is that financial ‘influencers,’ those trying to sell you on a program, or advice from ‘seasoned investors’ is often never as good (and most often never as reliable), as just doing your own research.

Learning about companies and how they operate, including their history, plans for the future, shareholder communications, and more can help you begin to track patterns and come to an informed perspective which is much better than having someone dictate to you their own opinion. This is vital advice, especially with how many pump and dump schemes seem to be occurring with naivety surrounding cryptocurrencies.

The Power of Algorithms

The best algorithmic trading course can help you understand a new variant of trading, which allows you to test investment strategies by offering the fundamentals of data science. This can help you lay the grounding principles of trading as appropriate, learning the actual fundamental elements of how trading is processed and how strategies are backtested. This quite literally empowers you as a trader rather than dictating to you a certain course of action.

It’s All About the Platform

It’s important to remember that using a reliable platform is just as important as making a smart trade. Making sure a platform is secure, has low latency for trades, gives you access to a wide variety of trading utilities, and can help you diversify your output is important. This can help you gauge the competence of certain trading strategies as well as even using test capital to see how certain trades may have played off, helping you learn without consequences. Be sure to check the major leading platforms and consider their feature sets, as this will help you identify your comfort as a trader.

With this advice, we hope you can identify where trading wisdom really comes from, as well as nurturing that yourself.

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