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Early Warning Signs That You Might Need to Replace Your Siding Soon

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • November 24, 2020

When it comes to siding, most people can tell when the situation has gotten so bad that a catastrophe is about to take place. But can you spot the less obvious signs that you may need to replace your siding soon?

When all is said and done, siding replacement is the type of home project that requires time and preparation to get right. The last thing you want is to be caught by surprise.

To that end, here are 3 early signs that your siding may have to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Sign #1: There’s Rot Forming

Siding is different from fruits and vegetables that have gone bad in the fridge in one important way – you don’t necessarily have to throw the whole dish away at the first sign of rot. If the damage on your siding is limited to a few spots here and there, it’s possible to replace those specific boards and call it a day.

But even so, there’s a point with rot where there’s just too much of it for targeted repairs to make sense. While you don’t necessarily want to wait for it to reach a crisis point, when the rot on your sidings is widespread, you may be better off just replacing the whole thing outright.

Sign #2: Your Energy Bills Are Climbing for No Reason

This is a sign that can creep up on a person slowly. One day you’re looking at your energy bill and nothing seems amiss. Fast forward a few months or years later and all of the sudden your bills are doubling and tripling seemingly overnight.

Because the culprit for a sudden energy bill jump can be caused by anything from an inefficient HVAC system to simple increased furnace use during colder months, many homeowners don’t realize that unseen gaps and holes in house siding can also contribute to air leakage.

If you’ve bought a whole bunch of energy-efficient appliances, redone your insulation, and done multiple energy audits only for your energy bill to keep increasing, it may be time to see if your siding is the problem.

Sign #3: Your Siding Doesn’t Lay Flat

You’ve heard the saying “Still waters run deep.”, right? Surprisingly, this common expression is relevant when it comes to your siding.

If you are looking at your property and you see that your siding is warping or bending at odd angles, it might point to more extensive damage that’s occuring under the surface.

When it comes to issues of moisture damage or the potential for hidden cracks in your home, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So don’t hesitate to call a siding installation expert for a professional opinion if you suspect that your siding could have an issue.


When it comes to spotting signs of trouble in various parts of the house, many folks don’t know that there’s a problem until it’s too late.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to tell when your siding is starting to become an issue. However, if you keep your eyes peeled for any of the three signs we just mentioned, you may be in a better position to react quickly to signs that your siding needs to be replaced.

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