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ID Card Accessories You May Be Missing

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • December 23, 2018

When purchasing an ID card system for the purpose of increasing security at a small business, one of the first things people tend to notice is the high quality design of today’s ID cards and the advanced security capabilities offered by their new printer. What people tend to overlook before implementing their system, and getting used to how it works on a day-to-day basis, is how essential ID security card accessories are to the overall success of an ID security system.

When distributing ID cards to a large number of employees, two of the most important considerations are 1) to be sure that anyone who’s going to be given an ID card is invested in the security system, so that they’ll always use their ID card (and use it properly); and 2) that the ID cards you’re paying for won’t easily get lost, which can necessitate a good deal of reprinting.

While ID card accessories can address an assortment of needs, by far the most common problem that they’re designed to overcome is how to implement your security system in way that gets employees more invested in company security and how to make the system more convenient for employees to use so that they can get back to focusing on their work.

While the accessories considered specifically address employee investment and ease of use, you can get a much better sense of the overall range of solutions that accessories provide if you learn about the latest ID card systems from a top selling ID security systems company.

Branding with Lanyards

Providing your staff with lanyards is one the easiest way to both ensure that cards wont get lost and to allow staff easier use of their ID cards. Lanyards easily attach to vinyl or plastic badge holders so that ID cards may be worn around the neck, so an employee can effortlessly throw on a lanyard at the beginning of their work day and forget about it until it’s needed at access points.

Custom Branded Lanyards

One feature of the lanyard that appeals to companies interested in increased marketing is that it they contain enough space to include visible custom-designed company logos or slogans. This feature helps advertise the company wherever the employee is present, and promotes employee satisfaction and pride in their employers – which in turn motivates employees to appreciate wearing and using their security cards.

Badge Reels

While lanyards may work for most companies, some jobs with a fast-paced working environment, or that require more frequent use of security access points, necessitate a more convenient solution. Retractable badge reels work with badge holders but attach to an article of clothing rather than being worn around the neck.

The primary advantage to badge reels is that when ID cards are attached to an automatically retracting cord, they can reach card readers more quickly than lanyards will allow. The only downside to badge reels is that they do not allow as much room for advertising – though they do still have enough space to display a smaller company logo.

Lanyards, badge holders, and badge reels are just a few of the available ID card accessories that can make a security system operate more successfully. Visit Avon Security Products today to see what you may be missing in ID card accessories and make sure you’re getting the most out of your office security investment!

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