How to Choose the Right Investments for You

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • March 10, 2023

Investments are something that many people have looked at or even dabbled in. Thanks to the peer-to-peer investment platforms and websites that make investments possible for less than $10 – almost everyone can invest in a business that they believe in. We know that investments do put your capital at risk, so you need to make sure you are budgeting well. And that they are often long-term. 

But how do you choose the types of investments you should be making? 


It is good to consider what your budget is, and when you start investing, use less. No more than 10% of your monthly income should go into an investment, and if that means you only have a few dollars to play with, then go with it. 

The idea behind investments is that you can build up wealth over time. So spend a little here and there. It could mean that you invest multiple smaller amounts in a single business or small amounts spread across numerous companies. Or, it could mean that you look at something like Concierge Auctions reviews and decide that this is the right method for you. This company specifically deals with luxury real estate auctions, and is something that you should definitely consider if you are on a budget, but a higher one that allows you to purchase luxury properties.


Almost every successful investor will tell you it is essential to make sure that you have a mix of investment types. There are plenty of exciting investment opportunities – but you should do your due diligence on any before you decide to commit. 

You can invest in things like whiskey casks, people with ideas, huge businesses that offer share buying, banks, lenders, and even an investment in Bangladesh! So no matter what your interests are, there are investment options – and one of the most important things is that you go for a diverse portfolio. It will stop you from taking a significant loss on a single investment. 

Future Finance

Making investments is something you do to give you some future financial security. Most investments will need to be long-term, so you can get the benefit from them. Occasionally there will be a business that takes off, and the returns are seen pretty quickly, but most of the time, that won’t be the case. 

Make sure that you create a plan for how and when you will sell your shares and if there are indicators that would lead you to do that earlier. 

A personal financial roadmap is an excellent idea to have before you start making any investments – it can also guide you into having a diverse and exciting portfolio. 

Emergency Fund

For every investment you make, you should aim to create an equal contribution to an emergency fund. The emergency fund doesn’t need to be called an emergency fund; it could just be savings – the point is that you will have a cash pot that is ready should you ever need it (and this is an excellent investment to make). 


If it sounds too good to be true, when it comes to investments, this will next almost be the case. The idea of turning a few hundred into millions might be too hard to pass up – but you should always keep your eyes open for scams. Use brokers or platforms that have a long history and plenty of experience – as well as reviews. 

Diversification of your portfolio is a must, and here is how to do it well: How to Diversify Your Investing Portfolio

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