4 Types of Life-Fulfilling Admin Careers

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • January 13, 2021

Admin jobs are sometimes cloaked in mystery. Many people that are searching for a career change might be looking at their options and wanting to know more about what it actually is that administrative staff do all day? Well now you don’t have to gaze longingly at admin professionals you see every day, because we’re about to unveil precisely what kinds of responsibilities this type of profession entails.

Be warned, if you can’t handle paperwork, multiple meetings with managerial staff every single day, writing up reports on progress or lack thereof and speaking with clients on the phone for at least an hour every day as well, then look elsewhere. But for those that wish to play a great role in any business, this kind of job is right up your alley. Let’s explore 4 different admin roles.

Administrative Assistant

An admin assistant is pretty much one of the basic entry-level roles in any business. For an admin role, you need to prepare to work in the internals of a business. Essentially, you are the antibiotic that scrubs the organs clean and allows the body (business) to function at it’s most highest performance level. Your responsibilities will be…

  • Understanding key departmental problems, such as software issues, the structure of teams, processes and procedures.
  • Speaking with the heads of departments, to get a feel for what they may need, such as clarity on compliance laws.
  • Setting up meetings with clients and the company. This is perhaps one of the most crucial roles, as you will be the bridge that the C-suite and other management staff walk across to meet B2B and B2C customers.
  • Cleaning house! You will be in charge of researching better more efficient ways of doing business. This could be implementing new software, better cybersecurity and better internal company culture laws.

Health MA Admin

One of the most fulfilling industries to work in, is the healthcare industry. You are literally changing lives for the better in a more direct way than any other route. So working as a health admin is something that many people, with great administrative skills wish to do. But how do you begin? Well, first you need to learn more about how you can become an MA in health administration. It’s a complex but very rewarding course that is taught by a professionally certified MHA lecturer. It’s a lot like an MBA but an MHA focuses mainly on health care delivery models, health care policies and economics, great research methods, analysis and utilization, as well as business structures and HR management, etc. Marketing and development is also covered by this particular course, so you will know how to communicate to your customers about the changes you make.

Regarding the outcomes or routes to specializations, you can work in any of the following either as a professional or as an entrepreneur:

  • Healthcare strategies
  • Human resources
  • Policy development in health
  • Nursing home admin
  • Health systems management


Throughout recent decades, the job of a receptionist has become very important. Once upon a time, it was thought that software improvements would lead to the job of a receptionist being automated. However, business owners have learned the hard way, that this is a fallacy. Businesses yearn to have someone who can just keep everything organized, run the day to day jobs very smoothly and take pride in what others consider to be the menial jobs, but actually the matter a great deal.

Your day to day duties include:

  • Organizing everything! You will be playing a direct role with the CEO. He or she will need reminding of their meetings, internal appointments, and scheduling for future tasks, etc.
  • You will also be phoning clients, sending emails reminding them of the meetings, confirming travel arrangements, and organizing specific needs, such as hotels for clients, cars and public transport tickets or fares.
  • As a receptionist, one of the key things you’re doing is, logging everything that occurs during the day and what happened. You are essentially taking minutes of when events occurred, what needs to be done to resolve issues and reminding the managers and other staff of the set things.
  • You will also be the first point of contact for customers and clients. You’ll answer questions about the company, such as opening times, location, who the C-suite are, contact details for those members, and opening letters sent to the business and filing them into the right folders.

Facilities Admin

In the modern-day, more specifically the pandemic, facilities admins are even more important than they have been in recent decades. Facilities managers or admin staff, work to oversee the day to day functions of the buildings of where work is taking place. This can be the offices, warehouses, production plants, testing facilities, etc. Then make sure that the places of work have all that they need to operate in a secure, safe and efficient manner. These are some of the responsibilities you will have.

  • Number one is security. You will be working to maintain the CCTV technology, the recording devices, you will study any suspicious activity and you will advise the building owners or company you work for, best practices on how to improve security.
  • You will also be somewhat in charge of maintaining the IT infrastructure of the building. Making sure wires are not damaged, that ventilation is working properly and that the fire alarms and other systems are in good order.
  • Catering is also something you will be looking at. Making sure that the cafeteria has enough of what it needs, when deliveries are coming in, when the business premises is open or shutting, for the trucks etc.
  • Refurbishing and remodelling the office is another key job you have. You will be working to improve the business site, allowing for updates of interior design and decor items to take place, keeping the place modern and inviting.

Admin roles are some of the most rewarding in the professional world. They offer you a mixed bag of working with customers, clients, and your colleagues to improve the way business is done and managing the day to day affairs of the brand. Do you see any role you might fancy?

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