5 Reasons Why You Need a Bike in Your Life: It’s Not All About Health

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • December 8, 2018

Riding a bike is great fun and an even better way to save money on gas. However, it’s the health benefits of it that should motivate you to start cycling regularly. With the selection of bikes available today, everyone can find something perfect for them.

Top 5 Benefits of Riding a Bike as Often as You Can

#1: Cycling Boosts Your Immunity

It’s an obvious fact that riding a bike improves heart health and muscle strength, because it’s an aerobic exercise. However, few people realize that cycling also boosts your immunity (The Guardian).

The most important thing about this is that riding a bike improves immunity because it slows down aging. Therefore, you get two important benefits from this one exercise. Cycling helps reduce the rate of the thymus shrinkage, which is a natural result of aging. Thymus is the organ that produces a big portion of your immune cells. Riding regularly will help you keep it at its best no matter how old you are.

#2: You Reduce Pollution by Riding a Bike

It might seem that one person’s lifestyle changes don’t matter for the environment of the global scale. However, the truth is that every change counts. Therefore, you will be making a potentially planet-saving choice if you decide to look for a cool hybrid bicycle. This ride is versatile, meaning you’ll be able to take it to many places. And you’ll be able to share it with your partner on the days when you stay close to home.

By reducing the carbon footprint of your household, you contribute to your country’s efforts to stop pollution, which literally saves lives. Don’t forget that many premature deaths and health problems partially result from toxic exhaust fumes.

#3: A Bike Gets You to Different Places Fast

Every person living in a big city knows that traffic is a nightmare on the best of days. When you ride a bike, you get a chance to avoid the majority of problems associated with it. This means that you might be able to reach your destination faster than when going by car. And health benefits and burnt calories are additional bonuses to this deal.

If speed is the thing you are most interested in, you need to choose a bike that meets your needs perfectly. This means going for the urban type designed for moving in cities. You should also look for specialized models based on gender. It’s important because they provide more comfort. If you check out womens bikes, you’ll see they have a lighter frame and proportions better suited for a female body. The best bicycle for men, on the other hand is sturdier and has a different shape to make it more convenient to use. Note that the increased comfort also helps increase your speed.

#4: Cycling Prolongs Your Life

The overall health benefits of cycling are so important, research proves that they literally reduce mortality rates (The BMJ). This exercise boosts your entire body, which reduces the risk of diseases, including cancer.

Cycling after 50 is particularly beneficial because this exercise is low-impact but provides exceptional health benefits. However, to get more of those, you should start regular rides as early as possible.

#5: Cycling Regularly Helps You Sleep

Exercising and breathing fresh air both help against insomnia. Cycling combines those activities, thus doubling the positive effects.

You only need to ride 20-30 minutes a day to sleep longer and better. But be sure not to do this right before bed because you will get your blood pumping. This will only reduce your chances of falling asleep right away. It will be best to ride during daylight hours, but don’t forget sunscreen to avoid the negative effects of UV radiation.

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