The Perfect Careers If You Want to Help People

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • September 4, 2018

When the time comes to pick a career, usually in the middle of your teenage years, you can often feel like you’ve been rushed into a decision. You see your friends and others around you being perfectly happy with picking a profession and you wonder why you can’t do the same. Well wonder no more, as there’s so many jobs out there you can fit yourself into, you’ve just got to think about the kind of person you are.

This will dictate what you’re capable of, what you’ll enjoy doing, and how long it’ll take you to carve out your career. So in taking a look at the subcategories that form out of these questions, here’s a couple of the best jobs out there if you’re someone who likes to help people.

Try Teaching for a Living

Of course you have to have the patience to cope with young children and their wandering attention spans, or you have to be able to give as good as you get to the class clown in high school, but teaching is always a rewarding career. You meet all kinds of kids from all kinds of backgrounds, and that makes for a job with plenty of variance that you’ll never get bored of.

And if kids aren’t your bag, you can always teach adults or evening classes to anyone who wants to pick up a skill you have in abundance. These people will always be passionate and responsive to what you have to say, so you won’t be awkwardly waiting on answers, as long as you’re friendly and approachable.

Try out Medical School

And no, it’s not just becoming a doctor or nurse you have to plump for! You can do all kinds of jobs when you’ve been through medical school and come out the other side with a degree, and you’re going to be taken very seriously by any institution you interview for.

Maybe you hate the sight of blood but still want to be the person others rely on? Try out for mental health training, or a position in a care home or rehabilitation center. Or if you hate the hustle and bustle of hospitals, why not sign up for Dental Assistant School and have a workplace that’s a little calmer on your hands? There’s careers for everyone where healthcare is concerned.

Try Working for a Charity

It might seem hard to make money when you’re working in a non profit organisation, but there’s always paid positions out there for you to look into. And if you’re working in a charity, you’re going to be able to go all around the globe, helping the people or animals you’re championing back at home directly. And that’s a real eye opener for a profession; you’ll love what you do.

Making a career out of helping people can be easy when you know your options.

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