Should I Buy Insurance for My Smartphone

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • December 27, 2017

Smartphones allow users to do so much more like bank, shop and plan the day. Your hand-held device is a critical part of your daily goings-on, which is why protecting it is a priority. One question that some phone owners ask is if smartphone insurance is necessary. If you have just acquired a new device or upgraded an old one, should you consider insuring it? Understand some of the justifications for getting smartphone insurance and the arguments against it before deciding.

Coverage against Theft

As smartphone ownership increases, so do theft cases. You could be walking down the street, chatting on your phone and someone grabs it. Another situation is forgetting your phone in a public place and finding it gone when you return to get it. If you have a history of losing your phone or have had more than one stolen, smartphone insurance is a practical solution. The circumstances of the loss or theft determine if an insurance company will pay a claim, therefore, find out about the policy terms when buying.

Replacement after Damage

Smartphones are highly sensitive devices with displays that can crack or break at the slightest provocation. Even with protection such as a phone case, your device can still get ruined in a fall. Water damage is another threat that smartphone users have to worry about. An insurance policy can provide coverage for different types of damages. When your smartphone is ruined accidentally, you can get a replacement.

Cover Expensive Devices

Some phones cost a considerable amount of money, and any damage, loss or theft can leave you feeling the burden. Imagine dropping an iPhone X after getting it for £1,000 or more. If you have iPhone insurance, the policy can cover the replacement. Insurance is also a good idea when you are on a long-term contract with a service provider.

The Downside of Smartphone Insurance

As with any other policy, smartphone insurance doesn’t provide coverage for all the threats that your phone is exposed to. For example, not all type of water damage will fall under a phone cover. Soaking your phone while doing your laundry may not be a legitimate cause for a claim. In such an instance, you would incur out-of-pocket costs to repair or replace the device. Insurers also have time limitations on when you can report your phone as stolen, which may not always be easy to adhere to.

You don’t have assurances of getting a new phone after yours is damaged. Some insurance companies opt to repair the damage or get you a refurbished device, which means that you may have to stay a while without a handset. Additionally, you could end up with a smartphone of a lower value than the one you had. The premiums for a smartphone insurance policy can get a tad costly, especially if you hardly ever make claims.

Smartphone insurance policies vary widely and if you are considering getting one, make comparisons first. Ask about the level of coverage that an insurer offers and always check the fine print. If you own a device that is too expensive to lose or you can’t afford to replace your smartphone after damage or theft, cellphone insurance is for you.