worth not weight is a body positive initiative launched by two women who were enraged by the focus on someone’s body measurements over anything else. launched in the summer of 2015, sara li and gaby dunn wanted to create a safe space where anyone and everyone can celebrate their achievements without being body shamed. we wanted to remind everyone that at the end of the day, it’s not your weight that defines your character but the things that you do and the person that you are. worth not weight is a submission based blog where people can send us their accomplishments and truly promote the idea of worth over weight. 

who can submit their information?

anyone! we don’t have any bullshit eligibility requirements. whoever wants to celebrate themselves can celebrate themselves. we want to promote diversity as well as body positivity so we ask that anyone of any identification to join us. 

can you define “achievements”?

anything that makes you happy and proud. everyone has different definitions of what it means to accomplish something so we want you to share with us what that means to you. whether that be making the honors roll, getting that dream job, or battling your mental illness, we want you to celebrate you. 

how much do i have to share?

as little or as much as you would like. we want everyone to be comfortable with what they’re sharing so we’re only asking for your first name, your weight, your achievement(s), and your favorite thing(s) about yourself. if you don’t feel comfortable submitting a picture, we encourage you to share your info with us via ask!

why do you have people submit their weight?

we don’t believe that your weight is anything to be ashamed of or something that you need to hide. in comparison to everything else, it really is just a number. when you’re reading through the submissions or writing one about yourself, the focus is not on your size. your weight is your weight and trying to brush it off as something that you need to conceal is ultimately a really damaging concept, we feel. 

what do i have to do?

respect everyone featured on this blog and remember that there’s so much more to a person than their weight. if you have any questions, drop us an ask!

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