Where Are All the Well-Paid Jobs?

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • October 11, 2018

Want a job that does more than pay the bills? With cuts being made to many sectors, it may not seem as if there are many high-earning careers left, but in fact there are many high-paid roles out there waiting to be snatched up. Here are just some of the job areas where you can expect to earn big bucks.


This one should come as no surprise. Whether you become a doctor, dentist or vet, you can expect a good income, especially if you go private or reach a senior position. Such jobs aren’t easy to get into – they require many years of studying followed by a scramble to get into medical school. On top of that, the job itself can be demanding, often made up of long and unpredictable shifts in which you’re on your feet all day and taking responsibility over people’s lives. That said, it is highly rewarding work even without the high paycheque.


There are many well paid jobs in aviation. Piloting jobs are often very well paid, whether you’re flying a helicopter or a chartered jet. Commercial airlines are often the most well paid due to the amount of responsibility. Jobs on the ground such as air traffic control meanwhile can be equally well paid. As with medicine, aviation work is demanding with often no room for error. Getting into these roles can hence be difficult – pilots often need to rack up 250 hours of flight time before they can fly a commercial jet, whilst air traffic controllers must pass a series of tests some of which require a 100% mark to pass.


Those with a creative passion can make a lot of money in marketing. Whilst there are many low-paid entry positions, senior marketing managers can sometimes make six figure salaries. Getting a master of marketing degree online could help to fast-track you to the top of the career ladder where the well-paid roles are. Being able to market yourself is essential – marketing can be a very competitive field, so you need to be able to make yourself stand out from the crowd.


Now that digital technology is taking over, those with IT skills are in demand. Some of the highest paid careers in IT at the moment include cloud computing, app development and data science. Knowing at least one coding language is essential for getting into this field. An IT related degree such as a BSc in computing could also be advantageous. Climbing to a senior position and showing intuition could help you to earn a bigger salary.


Law is also a high-earning career field, although it certainly pays to go private or go niche. Trademark lawyers, tax attorneys and real estate attorneys are some of the highest earning, as are trial lawyers. You usually can’t get a job in law without a degree – a master’s can sometimes be advantageous. The workload meanwhile can be heavy and you need to be prepared to spend your free time doing a lot of research.

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