Protect, Provide and Progress: How To Care For Your Employees

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • June 5, 2018

Before you started your own business you were once being managed by somebody else at work. Did they make you feel secure? Did they listen to your problems? If you can remember what is was like to be a busy, hardworking employee you might want to reassess how you are treating your staff. As an entrepreneur you should be constantly striving to make improvements to your business and this stems from the people who work for you. Let their voices be heard and be the best manager you can be, by providing them with the recognition they deserve.

Listen and Learn

Nobody likes to feel ignored and dismissed in their place of work. Many people who work for you could be going through health issues or family problems that you don’t know about. By holding regular, informal catch ups you might just be able to learn more about each individual staff member on your team. You may be able to offer employment counselling to those in need; this support at work will help them to overcome problems that stem beyond the workplace. Also, take into account people’s working preferences; from working flexible hours to working at home on occasions. If you reach out and listen to their preferred method of working you will not only help out with their work and life balance, but you will also help to boost their productivity and motivation.

A Helping Hand

Anything you can do to assist a member of staff if your workplace, should always be followed up as a priority. Whether it is improving the accessibility for disabled members or staff or offering assistance for those with dyslexia and learning difficulties. You have a duty of care to make sure that their working environment is as safe as secure as it can be. If you are helping people to meet their daily needs you will be considered an all-inclusive company, which will give you a better reputation.

Recognize and Reward

If your employees are working beyond their contracted hours or taking on extra tasks on a daily basis you need to recognize this effort in some way. Whether you offer them time off in lieu or grant an overtime payment you need to make sure your workers are being rewarded for their hard work. Many people work hard because they simply love what they do; they don’t demand or expect any extra credit and attention. However, if you turn a blind eye to the commitment of particular staff members it is likely that they will be less likely to help you out in times of need. Give them to boost they deserve and offer promotions and development schemes to show them that their hard work is not going unnoticed.

Once you have implemented these methods into your working environment you will soon see increased motivation and higher staff retention. Make people want to work for you and help them to succeed in their job every day. When staff, managers and business owners work together they form an unbeatable team, so take this on board and watch your business skyrocket to success.