Why Admitting to Defeat Can Be Your First Step Towards Conquest!

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • December 3, 2017

Though Freelancing is often deemed exciting nowadays and a more popular route of working in this technologically advanced twenty-first century, it is not always the best method for every single person who attempts it.

As the more conventional working method or working for someone else will be experienced by almost everyone during their working life, we will all have some experience of what it is like and how we work as an employee. When we want to make a change as an employee, we can just move roles or even jobs to satisfy this desire to do something different.

Yet, when a Freelancer is no longer satisfied with their route, it isn’t always this easy to change course, and sometimes any other options are limited with the only other choice available to us, that of going back to work for someone else, making us feel like a failure. However, if everyone knew exactly how hard the Freelance path was, there would scarcely be anyone taking up this route.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Anybody who opts for the Freelance way of life deserves a medal if you ask me! It is one of the most precarious of roles and differs so significantly from what many people consider to be the norm. Therefore, it takes a lot of grit and determination to enter this side of the industry.

If you have taken the plunge, well done you. Consequently, if you did make this step but now find yourself back working for somebody else, well done again. You see, it doesn’t matter that you may have ended back up in a role you initially thought you would never see again. What matters is that you tried it, and that’s a heck of a lot more than most people do!

Approach Your Freelance Time with A Different Perspective

Rather than focus on any unnecessary and unfounded negatives of the Freelance route you took, why not use your past experience to your advantage:

  • You did something different
  • You believed in yourself
  • You gave it a shot
  • You realized how hard a Freelancer really works
  • You admitted it just wasn’t right for you
  • You took a decision to change it
  • You now have another role…