4 Benefits Of A Good Supplier Relationship

  • Mark Edwards ·
  • May 11, 2018

It doesn’t matter what your business is or which industry that you work for, your suppliers are going to be a crucial piece of your organisation. There is not one business in the modern world of today that doesn’t need suppliers for their business; it’s important, therefore, to find the right ones. Establishing relationships with your suppliers is so important and not just to get an efficient and trustworthy service.

Having a good relationship with your suppliers can improve the performance of your business and help you to grow. This has never been truer than in the healthcare industry, where supplies are sterilised and even disposed of on a daily basis. Whether you are relying on the supply of medical equipment or scrubs from WonderWink Scrub Shop, healthcare suppliers are going to require you to have good working relationships. This gets you what you need, when you need it and when the relationship is built up with payments made on time, cheaper than you expected. So, what are the true benefits of long-term relationships with your chosen suppliers?

  • Reduction In Costs. Dealing with a variety of suppliers can be expensive for your business, especially when large contracts have large initial costs involved. If you establish a relationship where you pay your supplier on time, every time, you can avoid issues with supply deliveries and poor performance. The better the performance from your suppliers, the less mistakes that are made and the less mistakes that are made, the less it’s going to cost you.
  • Increased Efficiency. When you stick with the same suppliers for some time, you get to know how they work and how they can benefit your business. As you get to build and appreciate a relationship, the service that you receive will improve greatly and you can manage your supplies better.
  • The more you get to know your suppliers, the more you understand how their business works. Both you and them can increase productivity and efficiency, and alongside that you can increase your operational value. You can choose to stick with one or two suppliers only and reduce your costs by consolidating those that you do use.
  • Ongoing Improvement. As a customer, you are able to feedback to your suppliers the things that you feel could be improved and they will be able to feedback to you when they have a new product that they’ve tweaked that could work better. This relationship that you have can improve as time goes on. This will streamline your operation and help your company to work harder and work better.

You should always keep up with what’s going on with your suppliers, as keeping the communication open is going to help to improve the products that you use and the processes that you are all involved in. Use a platform like this one to manage your suppliers altogether and assess as you go along which suppliers are better for your business to use as time moves forward.

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