please keep updating this! it makes me feel so much better.

hi babe!!! in order to update this, we need more people to submit. help us spread the word!


Is it cool if an a ftm trans boy sent a picture? All of these are really inspiring and if not then I hope you have a great day C:

please submit! i think that it’s so fantastic that you want to submit something to our blog and i cannot tell you how much we encourage anyone (especially anyone who feels marginalized by mainstream media) to submit because we whole-heatedly want you to contribute.

this is was definitely way more than you asked for but the answer is yes and please. 


How can I submit?


Is there an age minimum and/or limit?

we don’t have one in place, nope! just be comfortable with what you post and share


This is a super awesome concept. And I agree with being excited to see some gender diversity! Definitely going to keep up with the great things you two are doing!

thank you so much <3 this is so nice to hear and we hope that you’re having a great day!


I love this blog so much. Can't wait to see males post body positive things too! (I'm a female)

we love YOU!

and definitely agreed. 


I like the idea of your blog! But why do you ask people for their weight in their submissions? Isn't it called worth not weight? I mean yeah, they don't have fill that in, but why have the option??? That puts too much focus on weight again, doesn't it?

copying from a previous answer: 

we don’t believe that your weight is anything to be ashamed of or something that you need to hide. in comparison to everything else, it really is just a number. when you’re reading through the submissions or writing one about yourself, the focus is not on your size. your weight is your weight and trying to brush it off as something that you need to conceal is ultimately a really damaging concept, we feel.


Is it okay for males to submit an image here as well? I only ask because so far I've only seen women/girls and non-binary folk submit things :)

yes, absolutely! we encourage everyone to submit <3 


Thank you, I understand what you're doing now, and I agree. (This is the last anon) Rock on, friends!

thank you so much! i’m glad that we’re able to clarify <3 


I saw Gaby's post and was going to submit immediately but then I wrote my weight and felt super shitty, forgetting all about my achievements and virtues. I thought I was all about dat self-love, but now I realize how far I have to go. Ehhhhhh :/

hi angel! self love is something that takes time and patience. the fact that you’re trying to think of all the great things about yourself is such an important and vital step and we both have faith that you’ve done great and wonderful things and will continue to do so in the future. 

much love,

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